Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19

Yesterday afternoon I went to Mass.  The priest that was saying Mass was unlike any other priest I have ever experienced.  I felt like Christ was standing in fron of me, pouring our His love through this man.  It truly was an expereince that left me reflecting of the graces we receive through our vocation. 

His homily reflected on Joseph, and the thought process he might have had after finding Mary with child.  Jospeh went through Advent kinda out of the loop.  He wasn't there for the encounter of Mary and Gabriel.  He wasn't there for the encounter of Mary and Elizabeth.  He wasn't there as Mary encountered God.  Yet, when told in a dream not even by God, but and angel, to 'not be afraid to take Mary as your wife', his faith moved him to say 'yes. Let it me done unto me as you say'.

I never before have meditated on Joseph in depth.  Needless to say, this was a catalyst that started my wheels turning.  I have always thought about Mary--and even more so as I journeyed with Vivi.  However, Joseph touched my heart in a new way.  Mary had encountered God--she knew that although there were some question marks, there was obviously some  security in knowing that if God asked you to carry his son, everything would be worked out.  Joseph's "yes" to Jesus, is more parallel to our everyday "yes"s.  Not too often does God send an angel to ask us to do His will.  Our 'yes's are sometimes a bit more of a hazy look cast over our face trusting that our 'yes' is what God is asking.

Emmanuel, God is with us, is possible because of both 'yes's; Mary and Joseph.  It is because of the faith of Mary's "Let it be done according to your word" and the faith of Joseph's obedience to the angel's command in the dream, that Christ is living with us, EMMANUEL! These past few days the faith and love of the Holy Family has been so close as I also reflect on Rod and my family.  We are living Advent.  Although there is still grief and sorrow that time is slowly healing, there is an undercurrent buzz of excitement and hope of what God has for us now.

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