Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 21

3 months ago today Vivi was born again as she entered Heaven to begin her new eternal life.  Being the non-date person I am, it took me by surprise this morning as Rod reminded me, by wasn't much of a surprise as I know she was talkling to me last night.

Rod was sick yesterday, so I brought home some movies from RedBox that we could enjoy while he was on the mend.  After the Avengers came the Odd Life of Timothy Green, a movie I have wanted to see since our stay with Vivi in the hospital.  Every time I would see the preview for this movie, I always thought, 'I know this is how Vivi is....such a special kid'.  Little did I know how many similarities I would find to my life in this movie.

Allow me to start by saying, I don't think that this movie is up there for grieving parents to watch.  For some reason, Rod and I have watched a couple movies that have hit very close to home unknowingly.  The story of Timothy Green begins with Cindy and Jim (parents) who are sitting listening to the doctor share with them that they will never have children.  After going home, they decide to one last time write down all the qualities their child would have, put them in a box and then bury it in the ground.  Through the night, a surprise guest enters their home--Timothy.  Immediately he calls them "mom and dad", and as Cindy and Jim notice leaves growing from his legs, he explains that he has come from the garden. As the story unravels, Timothy brings such joy and love to all the people he meets, while fulfilling each characteristic that Cindy and Jim buried in the box.  But as each characteristic is fulfilled, Timothy looses a leaf.  Once all his leaves are gone, it is time for him to go back to the garden.  After he leaves, a letter is read that he placed back in the wooden box. You find out that each of his leaves that fell off he has given away to someone.  Each person that he gives them to is a better, more loving person because of him.

Ok, so here I am watching this...crying (no real surprise there) but the entire time I couldn't help but think about Viv.  This world is such a better place because of her.  Her little light of love brightened even the darkest spaces in 59 short days.  Today Mass was celebrated in her honor at St. Lawrence--what an amazing gift of remembrance that our lives are being born and then death, but being born twice--onto this Earth and into Heaven.

We love you baby girl! :)


  1. Such a beautiful baby w/ so much life. You can see it in the pictures.

  2. She is beautiful. Heaven had to take this lil angel..she is too perfect to be in earth.