Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dear Vivi

Last night was a little insight into what is to come--I hardly slept.  No position was comfortable--if I was ok, you weren't, and if you were comfy, I wasn't.  Laying awake at some random time early in the morning, I just laid there listening to the birds chirping.  It was still dark outside (honestly i think their time clock is a bit off) but I started thinking about the past few months and what we have been facing and learning.  There have been VERY DARK days of sadness and fear, but even in that darkness, my heart never has stopped humming the song that it started the day my life was blessed with you.  Your 27 week old life has been the joy of my soul and every moment of everyday you fill my heart with such a joyful song.

Every day I anticipate more and more the miracle I will be able to kiss and hug every moment of the day as soon as you come into this world.  I can't wrap my brain around why God has chosen me to love you--it is an honor words can't contain or begin to even explain.  I love feeling you swim around and dance to the rhythmn of my day....these are moments I know too soon will come to an end and I cherish every one.

You are the most precious gift God could ever given to me. 
I love you so very much my sweet Vivi.


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