Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It takes a Village

I promised I would update after the visit at Children' hope was that it would have been earlier today, but then life happens. 

Children's was a good visit--had another echo of Viv's heart and there is a mini-miracle here....she has a left side!  Okay, hardly, but the doctors have re-diagnosed her.  Her heart is still defected and falls under HLHS, but it is a more typical case instead of when they first believed it was a blob.  My response to this--KEEP PRAYING!  Not that I doubt God hears us, I know there are special things happening inside here!

The doctors did find that Viv has fluid in her stomach.  Apparently, this is alarming, but my "mom gut" is saying not to worry.  However, my OB jumped on scheduling an appointment with me tomorrow.  I promise to give an update.

We also met with one of the surgeons and it was wonderful to get a better idea of what to be expecting after she is born.  I was under the impression she would be operated on hours after her birth, but it fact it could be up to a week after she is born!  I can't say I think it will be a week because all of the cardiology floor will have me on their case to get to my girl!  It still seems very surreal, and I am sure as our due date gets closer we will have more meetings and devise a more concrete POA.

Besides the belly thing, Viv is good.  She seems to be forming up to par, weighing in at 1 pound 12 ounces which puts her in the 30th percentile.  We're doing good!

Spiritually and emotionally today has been a doozy....not because of Viv (surprisingly enough).  I think I am learning more everyday that the rough patches are the holiest moments of our life.  God allows obstacles, and knocks us down not only to raise us up in humility, but to give us real moments to show Himself to us.  Allow me to give a little disclaimer:  this does not mean it feels good, before, during or after.  They are called "growing pains" for a reason.  I used to think if only life has less choices--less bad would happen.  I believe today, I would also add less good would happen as a result too.  I choose to take the good, even if that means throwing in some bad.

An image to leave you with tonight:
The surgeon we met with told us the cardiac unit at Children's is like the Verizon commercials, where there are all those people behind that one main guy.  I got to thinking, that is how I feel about all of you.  All of you are behind Rod and me and Viv and each of your roles in our life is crucial.  We would not be at this point without your prayers, love and support.  So thank you.  Thank you for making us your family and loving Vivian.  I am convicted through this experience it absolutely takes a village. 

Sweet Dreams :)

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