Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's the Grinch Effect

Good morning!  And for those of you who are Reds Enthusiasts, Congrats and Good Luck today with the game :)

I can't believe it is Holy Week; more specifically that today begins the Triduum, the Holiest Days within the Church.  My brother called me from UD Sunday night after going to Mass and says, "Well today is Palm Sunday.  And you know, I was thinking in Mass....Jesus was a Miracle at Easter--Viv could be a Miracle too!"  How sweet!  The Hope Vivi is demanding people to have is remarkable. 

We went to the doctor yesterday.  The Nurse Practitioner at the Practice I go to is AMAZING.  I never saw my OB until I got pregnant, I always went to her.  She sat down, almost crying (which is funny within itself, because she is a tough cookie) and just said, "I have been thinking so much about you--how are you really?"  I think she was taken aback when I smiled and replied with a "Great! Viv is already a great blessing and miracle".  I am sincerely beginning to think that people outside of this bubble of love and faith that I swimming in, truly believe I am A.) in denial or B.) off my rocker.  Option A:  I can understand why they think I am in denial.  By the world's standards, this is pretty rough to say the least.  And I am not denying that I have my moments, but she is going to make it through regardless of my moments or non-moments--I would rather be the cheerleader holding up the foam finger believing fully in the blessing she is, believing in the power of faith and believing in the technology of modern medicine.  Now, option B, I can't really stand up to.  Everyone is a little crazy :)
Viv's heart though, is beating STRONG, and the Nurse did say you wouldn't know anything by just hearing it.  For me, hearing her heartbeat is almost like hearing her little voice--it is always a moment that I never want to leave, because in those moments she is speaking to me.  I feel like I can already feel her disposition in that "boom,boom,boom" moving at what seems the speed of light: joyful....a little ornery....happy-go-lucky....but stubborn--which in her first moments will be the greatest gift.

My cousin wrote me a Facebook message wanting to run for Viv in the Chicago Marathon.  Immediately upon reading it, tears began sliding down my face, completely touched by her heart, and I realized--every prayer is making Viv's heart stronger.  Every sacrifice is making Viv's heart stronger.  Every action done with Viv's intention is making her heart stronger.  It's totally the Grinch Effect.  I can almost see it happening--and know a miracle is brewing.

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