Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Blessings

I hope all of you enjoyed the beauty of yesterday!  What a blessing to be able to celebrate the miracle of Life and Love through the Resurrection of Christ!  It was an amazing day full of fun and family. 

For me, it is wonderful to finally have the Church calendar in sync with my heart.  The joy and the hope we have received from Christ's Passion and Resurrection is what has been reigning in my heart in regards to our journey with Viv. 

At Mass yesterday, my family (yes, all 10 of us) were asked to present the gifts during offertory. This part of the Mass is one of my favorites.  It is a great moment to think about offering myself to Christ as a gift, as the bread and wine that are going to be transformed into His Body and Blood are walked to the altar. Although I was kind of chuckling at what a procession we had to be, it was a beautiful example of the love that Christ has given us as being a part of his family.  My brothers wouldn't let me carry anything to the altar because I'm pregnant (they are so silly), but when we sat down, Rod leaned over and whispered to me, "thank you for carrying Viv to Christ at the altar".  Even though this is one of my favorite parts of Mass, I didn't even think about that.  What a grace for him to think like that!  And what a grace for me to be able to give her to Christ now.  Our friend stopped us after Mass and asked us if we were paying attention to the song being sung during the offertory, and I wasn't, I was distracted by us all walking down the aisle.  She told us the refrain said in it, "I make all things new" Um, WOW!  I definitely don't think that was any accident.

Yesterday I was also overwhelmed by the amount of people who came up to us to let Rod and I know they were praying for us and for Viv.  I want all of you to know, that those prayers are going a long way and are forming our hearts to be the best for Viv and for each other.  Thank you for being a blessing to our family.

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  1. i love reading the journey
    you and Rod are such a blessing