Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blessed Be God in all His Designs

Once again I have been the absentee author of this blog.  I don't know how journalists find the inspiration to write something new everyday.  It's like one day I have 50 bizillion ideas and thoughts I want to share and feel like I must choose one to captivate an audience, and the next day not only do I forget everything I was thinking, but I have no other thoughts.  My resolution to this problem--I am going to write down little notes of thoughts when they hit me.  Hopefully then on the day when my well is dry, I can go back to my thoughts when they were flowing oh so freely. 

This week has been a slow busy.  I look back and think, "what did I do?" but at the same time don't remember because it was a blurr.  The house hunt continues--I know God is waiting to "WOW" us as He only can, I danced myself into braxton hicks at one of my best friend's bachelorette party, and my little brother bought a house.  I am so proud of him and excited for the new chapter beginning in his life. 

My friend sent me a story about Venerable Solanus Casey (  His story is so beautiful, and she sent it to me because he is a healer whose feast is on July 31.  Sounds promising, eh? :)  There is a quote of his that has stuck with me for a few days, "Blessed be God in all His Designs".  Immediately, of course, I thought of Viv.  But after learning of my brother's excitement, I thought of him. 

My brother has been having a rough bout with being single and trying to figure his niche while the desire of his heart is to get married and be a daddy for babies.  He always wanted to live on a farm, and a few months ago started looking for a house with some land.  Nothing was feeling right and then out of the blue, his buddy's grandma passed away, her house went for sale and my brother bought it.  It is in the middle of nowhere, a little house on 7 acres.  A little 100 year old house with loads of potential, but in desperate need of TLC.  After talking to him today, I can't remember the last time I heard him so happy.  His life again has purpose.  Being a visionary, he already has in his mind how he is going to buy the entire street, where he is going to build a new house after he has a few kids, how he is going to rig up a ring for my sister to ride her horse, and the list goes on and on and on.  "Blessed be God in all His Designs".  God knows the innermost desire of our heart and knows the perfect time to fulfill them--and it is better than we could ever imagine.  I don't think my brother could imagine a more perfect time, or a more perfect place to begin his dream.  What a beautiful Design signed exclusively for Timmy by God.

Vivian's heart is just the same.  I find myself more and more in these past weeks praising God for her heart and the beauty that it is.  The external is not important, the internal is what shines through, and Viv's heart is already touching people's hearts and lives because of the beautiful design God has created.  I think about my life and the inner desires of my heart--um, the one, which was always to be a mommy, and here I am living that desire with the most precious and most beautiful design God could have ever created for me.  "Blessed be God in all His Designs"!

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