Saturday, April 7, 2012

In the Tomb

Sometimes it's easy in our life to associate with Christ being in the tomb.  Sometimes we feel alone, we feel like life is a huge maze and we can't find the way out.  The beauty of our Christian faith, is that we don't have to ever let the "tomb time" bring us down.  We know the ending of the story--we have the hope in the Glory of the Resurrection.  If we allow our lives to live according to the message of Hope that Christ teaches us, (although not always easiest, I know) it will outweigh the fear and anxiety life can throw at us. 

Lord Jesus, I thank You so much for the suffering You went through for me.  I have the gift of knowing even though You are in the tomb right now, that isn't the end and it doesn't mean that You are defeated.  Increase my Hope in You and Your love, especially as we follow Your will for Vivian and our family.  Lord, we have Hope in the miracle of Your Resurrection and believe that You have a special plan for Viv and her heart, and we believe in Your power to make it whole, and restore it to a glorified heart, as You rose into Your Glorified Body.  Continue to prepare our hearts for the miracle we will celebrate tomorrow.

I love You Jesus! Amen

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  1. Always remember my love that the Tomb was a womb waiting to bring forth new life..and the pain was the path for it to come we fear not the pain of suffering for when united to our Lord and His suffering it is redemptive...