Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Passion

During the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass,  the priest says at some point, "He entered willingly into His Passion".  Today, this struck me.  Christ was the only person brought to this earth whose death had more meaning than His life.  We are all born to live and create our lives, not to have our death be the climax of our greatness.  What is beautiful about Christ's example in His willingness to embark on His Passion is that we all have a Passion.  Our "passion" is our path to holiness.  Christ's example to willingly follow this is what God desires for us to emulate.  The plan God has prepared for us is a path of Holiness.  This doesn't mean that it is easy, that it will feel good or that we will look forward to it, but it is what will make us great.

Of course, I thought about our journey with Vivian.  This has been the greatest Passion of my life.  The daily struggle of choosing a smile and hope instead of the sadness and tears that sometimes want to take over is tough with grace....I would be so screwed without it! I know in the upcoming weeks, the rubber will be hitting the road and I now I say, "Christ I will go with you!  I trust you and the will you have for us and Vivi".

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