Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Story to Share for Generations

My Aunt Peggy shared with my mom a passage from the Bible that stated that 'we should share these stories for all ages'.  I don't know where it came from, the Old or New Testament, but it has resounded in my heart.  What I am living now, is a continuation of the Gospel.  A modern day parable, that Christ is slowly unraveling, capturing the hearts of so many.  I wanted to take a moment today to share some stories that haven't been shared involving Vivian, and how she is taking the world by storm.

As I am sure everyone who reads this blog knows, there is a walk being organized in Vivian's honor to help offset medical costs as well as living costs while Rod and I are not working.  Clare, my sister who is a junior at Mt. Notre Dame, has a project that each student who goes through the school participates in called a Capstone Project.  On March 8, when we found out the news of Vivian's heart, Clare's first reaction was one that was proactive and full of Hope--Vivian would be her project.  In only a few short weeks, the ball began rolling and is in full swing as we prepare for the exciting event we are calling Vivian's Victory--Vivi's little life already is winning over the hearts of thousands and bringing so many to believe in God's amazing goodness.  For more information on the walk, this is the website 

Clare is also involved with Kenosis, a youth group at Ruah Woods.  Ruah Woods is a center devoted to spreading and promoting the Culture of Life through Theology of the Body.  It is an amazing center that is unique to Cincinnati and is acting as a model for other centers throughout the US.  Because of Clare's faithfulness to her vocation as a young Christian woman, she has been able to make connections with local businesses that support Ruah Woods, who are also going to give donations for the walk.

Once we found out about Vivian's heart and learned more and more about HLHS, all different people started to come out of the woodwork who knew someone whose child had the same diagnosis, or similar experience.  It was overwhelming the numbers, the emails, the messages we received from people that wanted to console us as we began our journey.  I felt like advice they would give, or stories that would be shared all spun around outside of my head.  Not that it wasn't helpful, or that I wasn't grateful for the openness of others to share, but I myself was just becoming accustomed to the reality, learning the verbiage and trying to stay on pace with the doctors.  In the past week, I realized I am ready to ask concrete questions to prepare myself for the upcoming months.  My mom had received an email from someone whose sister's son is 3 and is doing fabulously after all 3 surgeries.  Their story is similar to ours, in the sense that we were both diagnosed at 20 weeks which hasn't been the case for any other person we have spoken with.  Everyone else found out after the baby was born which is a completely different reality from the one we have, are and will be experiencing.

At work today, I had a woman pick-up her daughter's veil.  She asked when the baby is due, and told me I have a real glow.  Not the normal pregnant mom glow, but there was something special about it.  I was taken aback, and flattered and of course this lead to continued questions of when the baby is coming, if its a boy or a girl, how much she loves the name Vivian, where I am delivering, you know the drill.  Usually when I am at work, I don't go into much detail about our situation because when the women who come in are here, it is all about them, and it should be.  But for some reason, I started to share our story.  When I finished, she looked at me smiling and said, "I now understand the glow.  You are living through a challenged faith.  I will be praying for you and Vivian."  What encouragement!  It gets crazier--I just put Vivian's prayer cards in my purse this morning.  No rhyme or reason as to why, but I just had an impulse to do so.  I ran back and grabbed a few to give to her, and she was elated--loved the idea, loved having a picture of Vivian and is going to share them with her prayer group, and send the request through the prayer chain at her church.  God is here!

These are just a few of the amazing God stories Viv is creating by being so perfectly her.  If you have one, I would love to hear it and have record of it.  Our journey, the story we are living, is one of faith that is bringing Glory to God each day.  It is humbling to be a character is such a perfectly constructed web of God's love that hopefully will illuminate and inspire through the generations.

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