Friday, June 29, 2012

With God...

On Wednesday night my dad went to check out Winton Woods for the walk.  While he was there, he ran into an old patient and his family.  After exchanging the usual, 'hi's and 'how are you?'s the proud Poppy my father is, shared Vivi's story.  Upon hearing it, the man's daughter assured my dad that she would tell her brother who wants to be a minister and ask for his prayers.  The man's wife, reached into her pocket and pulled out a coin.  "I have been carrying this in my pocket for years!" She started, "and I know I need to give it to you".  Passing it to my dad, he saw the golden coin had a cross on one side and on the back, it was inscribed, "With God, all things are Possible".

As we are learning through life, and especially on our journey with Vivian, the Cross makes all things possible.  Christ's love does not know boundaries or limits and not only is He sharing so much love with us, with our families and friends, but He has chosen Vivi to show His love through. 

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  1. Dear Maria, Rod and beautiful Vivian;
    You inspire me to be a better person! I have read most of your posts (after finding out today in the mail about Vivi's specialness) and I'm knocked over by your trust in God and His love for you showing through your words. I can hardly see with the tears streaming down my face as I send love your way. The Willertz clan will be at the Walk to support you and I will add your Vivi to every prayer chain I know of! Bless you for being Christ for so many!!!
    Love, hugs and smooches :)