Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coincidence? No, God Incident!

As we are trying to recap from the past few days, there are still little miracles that have happened since we received Viv's news.  One in particular, I would like to share before I start sharing more about feelings I and Rod are having.

March 8, is one as I am sure you can picture is one date I will never forget.  As I cried in the car on the phone to my mom, one of her first responses was "who is the patron saint of heart disease?  We have to find out and pray!  Maybe it 's a girl and you can name the baby that."  While on the phone, she immediately Googled who this saint may be.  "St. John of God" she said, to which I replied, "who is that?" She promised to find out and let me know later. 

After I felt emotionally spent and tears could no longer produce in my eyes, I flipped to March 8 and you will never guess who the quote was from, St. John of God!  He said, "When you feel depressed, reflect on the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and His precious wounds, and you will experience great consolation".  What insight and how appropriate for me at that moment.  Earlier in the day I wrote and email and this is a paragraph about how I felt--

'Although these have been a few bittersweet days, I feel honored that God has entrusted us with such a beautiful daughter, especially with her heart defect. During this time of Lent it is always beautiful to have some suffering to unite ourselves to Christ as He embarks on His Passion and Death--what a gift that we found this out during this season!  As we encounter the miracle of the Resurrection at Easter, I have the same hope in my heart that she will be a miracle baby and bring to the world and our hearts so much joy.  She already is ornery as all get out and we can already tell she has incredible spunk :)  We are in for a ride!'

How amazing!  It was like this saint knew my heart!  Well, of course, it becomes more amazing.  My mom calls me.  Her message, "You won't believe it!  Today is the FEAST DAY of St. John of God!  Viv's heart is in good hands".

About St. John of God

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