Monday, March 26, 2012


Gabriel greets Mary at the Annunciation and says to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God".  What a beautiful tag line for our lives.  God often asks us to do things we don't understand or that we feel too small to accomplish.  The beauty in that is that in saying "yes" we must increase our faith in His love and His strength to work through us. 

I feel like this daily when I think about Viv.  I can't be afraid of what God has given me and I can't let it bear me down.  This line from Gabriel, however, tuned in to the feeling I have of being honored to be asked by God to be Vivian's mom, for some how, some way, I "have found favor with God". 

It is a grace and a gift to be asked to be the mother period, and as we read the Gospel today it reminds us that it is also scary, uncertain and that there is a leap of faith involved when bringing life into this world, and it doesn't stop once the baby is born, it only begins.

I want to encourage all of you to reflect for a few moments at some time today about the "yes" you have made to God at some point in your life and the outcomes of that "yes" or of the multiple "yes"es.  I am absolutely positive there are a wide array of feelings that will accompany those moments, but when all the feelings are sifted through, there is always joy knowing that God has found favor with us for that "yes"

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  1. As we celebrate this feast my Mom will always reminds my siblings and me of a very true concept. She tells us to remember that in life there are far more annunciations than incarnations. What she is saying is that God asks us to do certain things constantly and it is through the incarnation that we accept His request. Maria, you and Rod are a beautiful example of a family who has heard their call and are responding with such amazing grace as you answer your YES. Everyone is so proud of your faith! All my love to you, Maria