Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, Day 48

Viv and I began the morning early, but together.  I think this morning was the first morning since we have been here (7 weeks tomorrow) that I have really felt like a "normal" mom.  We got a bath, and after I was finished, Vivi puked, so we tried again.  After getting her all bathed and dressed today, she decided it was nap time and mommy's shower time.  When I got back to our room, my mom was here and the visitors came one after another.  Throughout the entire day, Viv was a happy baby.  Her eyes were wide open, she was enjoying my rendition of "The Phantom of the Opera", and being loved by all the visitors we unexpectedly had today. 

My goal for this day was to truly love every moment.  It's so funny how the time so quickly passes when I just want it to stand still and soak into my soul.  Despite the tape mustache on my baby, I know she was smiling with all the love that was surrounding her.  One of the great things Vivi is teaching me is that we don't know what tomorrow will bring.  This moment is all I have and no matter what circumstance I am in, I don't know what the future holds.  I think we all 'know' this, but is it a conviction that we have to love the most we can in every minute, to squeeze the joy out of each moment, to praise God for every second--REGARDLESS of what the next moment has in store.

Rod and I wanted to go to a healing service Friday night, but at the last minute our plans changed.  I had wanted to go for a long time because of the holiness of the man who was conducting it.  His name is Carmelo Cortez, a simple man from the Philippines who has extraordinary grace.  Along with healing many, he gives each person who comes to him asking prayers at these services a rose petal.  Many people who receive these rose petals, in time receive a detailed etching of a religious picture n the petal.  It is quite an amazing gift God has given this man.  Rod had suggested I call the Holy Spirit Center where the service was to see if Carmelo would come to the hospital to pray over Vivi.  I did, and never heard a response.  Quite honestly, as the weekend went on, I completely forgot about this call.  This morning while I was bathing Vivi, I received a phone call from a woman with broken English.  Without any indication of why she wanted to visit me at the hospital, I knew she was Carmelo's host.  About 10:30 this morning, it happened in a whirlwind--a man stepped up to my door, put on a mask and walked in.  In very limited English, he said, "I am Carmelo, let us pray".  His presence demanded reverence as he lead my mom and I in an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.  He then placed his hands on Viv, christened her with Rose Oil and left.  Literally I was in a vortex of prayer that lasted maybe 1 minute, but it was powerful and very special.  It blessed my heart that this man would take time before he left our city to visit my baby.  Vivian is such a special soul.  I am reminded everyday how blessed I am to be chosen to be her mother.

Tonight is the first night this Dunlap Family has slept in the same room since we have welcomed Viv into this world.  The doctors have decided to meet with us first thing tomorrow morning to discuss our options for Vivian.  Rod didn't get a sleep room, so our charge nurse has agreed to allow us to snuggle up together on the plastic twin pull out in our room.  Although it isn't the exact way I thought we would be doing this, I am so happy we are all together.  Please continue to pray that we are surrounded by great grace tomorrow.  Pray that the doctors are guided soley by the Holy Spirit and that we know that God is with us, and will continue to guide us and get us through whatever our next steps are.
 Vivi post bath this morning

Grammie Jan and her best girlfriend

 Loving my girl! :)
 Surpise Guest!  Auntie Sue from Green Bay
Mommy napping with my baby

My pretty Baby Girl


  1. Such a pretty little girl, Maria with a beautiful mommy! Stay strong! Your faith is an inspiration to many! Will continue to pray for all of you!

  2. Hi dear Maria,
    It was so good to see you and precious Vivi. She is getting to be a real little person! Those pretty eyes looking all around... I love your blogs, Maria. You embody trust and love, faithfulness and surrender, and that is an example for all of us, whatever our ages. You "mommy love" fits you like a glove, and you were sure meant for that role. So tonight and tomorrow I will pray extra hard for Vivi, for healing and strength and endurance for you all.
    Love you,