Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18, Day 56

8 weeks have gone by and I am learning what it means to pray unceasingly!  I never fully understood what that meant until now.  I never have a what i used to call "blank" moment in my mind.  I now always have things to discuss with Christ about what I need in each moment.

Viv had a great day. She was resting most of it, just recovering from the night we had last.  I thought we would be home free, and them about 5, out of no where, her heart rate spiked from 146 to 200 in a matter of seconds and she was still sleeping.  We took her temp, it was on the rise, and her belly was suddenly HUGE.  The nurse took a syringe to her NG, and out came old blood.  Looking back, I think perhaps some of that old blood could be from last night.  About 9pm last night, the nurse pushed the old blood down through the tube to give meds.  However, not what we are looking for :(

After Tylenol, morphine and methadone, she is FINALLY calmed down, 5 hours later.  The X-ray shows that she  has a lot of fluid built up in her belly. Nothing is stuck in her digestive tract, and quite frankly the doctors are stumped.  They are guessing it is the chyle fluid that is a product of poor lymphatic function. So we just need to pray this out of her.  I can't believe that God is going to share with so many people that she is going to be ok and then he pop out and say, PSYCH!  It's just now we are at the defining hour that we must never cease praying for the miracle to unfold.  Our prayer continues to be for strength for Vivian's heart, that it keeps growing and pumping, and for her lymphatic system to work and get all the fluid out of her belly so we can feed her and get her strong!

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  1. Maria,
    You mentioned unceasing prayer and it got me thinking. I've been thinking for the last couple days about your vivi and my Eli. I was thinking about what the final tipping point was for him. As I look back, I think that point was when a friend of our organized a "prayer a thon" of sorts. And email was sent out with with a list of times that spanned over 24 hours and everyone signed up for a block of time to cover the full 24 hours of unceasing prayer :) I'm not sure if that's something your community has concidered but it was on my heart to share.

    Continued unceasing prayers for sweet Vivi :)

    <3 heather