Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11...Day 49

Happy 7 week Birthday Vivian!  You are such a strong, beautiful girl :)

John 14:13 says, "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father."  It never fails--I am about ready to fall asleep and Rod wants to "talk".  Not just shoot the breeze about our days, but really have a sit-down-my-heart-and-head need to function talk.  Last night was no different.  He told me he had been feeling that our prayer for Vivian needed to change.  We have been praying for months that God would perform a miracle, and we believe He has, but we trust His will.  Rod told me he felt that was a cop out.  That part of asking for a miracle is opening our hearts to the vulnerabity that we are in God's will, but this is what we are asking, let me correct that, begging for.  What is amazing is that since we have been in the hospital, almost every Sunday we have heard a Gospel passage about healing-parent's asking Christ to heal their child, people who believe that only a touch of Christ would heal them--why not a healing come from millions of prayer from around the world for one little girl?

I believe that God has answered my prayer by allowing me to marry the man He specifically created for me.  In moments like that moment, any doubt I have ever collected is washed away.  He is such a strong and faith-filled man...God totally knew what He was thinking when He appointed Rod as the head of our family.  Needless to say, upon this conviction, I was filled with a new hope and desire to pray as he felt called to pray.  I asked him if we would want to compose a prayer to share so we can all pray the same prayer, so we are united in word and intention.  This is what we came up with:

Lord Jesus, You are the ultimate Healer.  We know you are all powerful, all mighty, and all loving.  All the things we ask of You, You take for us to Your Father's hands and we know He holds all those things to His heart.  Lord, we believe in Your ability to even now share with us Your Glory through Vivian and giving us a miracle of healing--the big miracle we have been waiting for.  Lord, we thank you and we praise you in advance for giving us this opportunity to worship You. Amen

This morning we were expecting a formal meeting with the doctors about the options we had laid out for Vivian.  Honestly, I didn't sleep well last night and I know it wasn't only because Rod and I were sharing the half-a-person-more-than-a-twin-bed pull out in our room.  My heart was racing in anticipation of what I was going to hear about my baby.  I woke up, and the image in my head was nothing I thought.  One doctor came in and simply said, "we just pow-wowed about Vivs (the doctor's nickname for Vivi) and we want to gather up more facts before we all get together."  So we begin a week of more tests and prcoedures to crack this case. 

I believe in the doctor's voice was a hint of hope that there was an option for Vivian that would be successful.  One of my dad's patients said, "Jesus is inspiring the doctors".  I believe that.  I believe Christ is working in each of them. prepping them for the miracle that we will be experiencing for Viv.  I walked through the hall today and ran into a couple of the doctors.  We began talking, and one said to me, "I am happy we are coming up with some good options for Vivian".  I looked at him and was able to respond with the patient's thought in mind, "You don't realize how many people are praying for you...Jesus is working in all of you."  It was awesome actually--both said thanks, but one looked at me and added, "that means a lot."  Oh what this child is doing to me, and to many others.

Tomorrow we are scheduled for a cardiac cath.  This will be Viv's second time down there.  The doctors will be measuring the squeeze of her heart.  Thursday or Friday Viv will be having a small surgical procedure where the doctors will make a small incision on her belly and biopsy her liver and shoot some dye through her veins to calculate pressure and see the route it takes. As I am learning, one day at a time and today was another great blessing :)


  1. Maria, You have gone from that adorable little toddler I remember babysitting to an AMAZINGLY beautiful and INSPIRATIONAL woman. Your strength amazes and inspires me. You have the prayers coming from my entire family to ask God to watch over your sweet miracle!! Thinking of you!
    Kim Nadler Fellinger

  2. God is good! His plan for Viv is already laid out and he's using her to strengthen thousands. She, in herself, IS God's miracle you've been asking for!

  3. Maria, you are so utterly strong and filled with faith. You mention how faith-filled Rod is all the time, but you are just as equally faith-filled. It's truly inspiring to read your words and I pray several times a day for Viv, along with you and Rod, and also the doctors and nurses. Those doctors really have no clue how many thousands of people are praying for them because God will work through them to heal Viv and strengthen so many others' faith.
    Talk about a roller coaster ride. You are handling it with such grace and you truly amaze me. Words could never express...

  4. I have printed the prayer Rod and you have crafted and I taped it, along with Vivian's photo, in a highly visible place of my work area and every time I glance at it, I will pray it. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. You are incredible. My heart and prayers are with little vivi. I know the miracle is happening in these very moments!

  6. Maria,
    Keeping you and Rod and your beautiful baby Vivi in our constant prayers.
    The Baumgartner Family