Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 16, Day 54

"The great point is to never give up until the answer comes....the great fault of the children of God is, they do not continue in prayer...they do not perservere.  If they desire anything for God's glory, they should pray until they get it" --George Mueller

We are on the path to changing this quote to say "the great gift of the children of God is that they keep knocking on God's door sure that He is listening and believing has already answered".  I am confident that God is listening to every prayer, and is anxiously waiting to unveil our miracle. 

At Mass, we say the Gloria.  Tonight the new translation was exactly what I have been praying:
"We praise you,
We bless you,
We adore you
We glorify you
We give you thanks for your great glory
Lord God, Heavenly King
O, God, Almighty Father."
This uphill climb has been all but easy.  God has never left my side, and has probably been carrying me most of the way.  Being human, it is so easy to lose focus of what I believe and what I have been told.  In this, I am learning how important it is to train my mind to control my thoughts.  Every time something negative, or discouraging comes in, my immediately response must  be,
Lord Jesus, I trust in You and Your Glory!
We have had such an amazing day.  Vivian, Vivi, Vivs or V, all depending on who you ask, has had a wonderful day.  She has been awake and alert with only 1 dose of pain meds.  Days like today are the moments Rod and I talk about...the little victories.  Our life with Vivian will always be a road paved brick by brick--a beautiful path, that I know will lead us and those who love her straight to Christ.
Our prayers continue to be specific:
  1. Strengthened heart.  We need Vivian's heart to pump and function like it never has yet.  We believe that God has already started this happening.  Our healer friend has said that the heart is strong.  Extra prayers can't hurt :)
  2. The intestines and lymphatic system to straighted out as they need to inside of Vivian's gut so they function the way the are intended to from the beginning of time--perfectly!
Lord Jesus, I thank you, I praise you, I love you and I know you are here with us.  Lord, I am so grateful for the glory you have chosen our family to share with the world.  In the moments that it is hard to accept your will and follow willingly your way, I say "I trust in you!"  Lord, I believe, i believe even now you are capable of this amazing miracle that is going to be such a great blessing not just to our family, but to the world.  
Mary, wrap Vivian in your arms...continue to love her and encourage her as only you as our mother can.  Receive our prayers for Vivi's strengthened heart and sorted intestines and lymphatic system and place it at your Son's feet on the cross.  We knoe Mary he can never say no to you...we believe that He isn't going to say 'no' now!  Continue to fill my heart with great faith, especially in the moments I feel so weak...give me the strength and the grace you had as you embraced the unknown with your Son, Jesus.
Lord God, we thank you, we praise you, we love you...Amen


  1. Maria,
    You don't know me but I have been following your blog since Vivian was born. I saw your pictures that Mel Pace took of your sweet girl and followed the link from her blog to yours. Somehow in the last 54 days I have also discovered that you are related to a friend of mine from high school, Maria Dunlap :)

    Your sweet daughter has completely taken my heart. I have been praying relentlessly for Vivi and for the miracle of healing for her. My husband and I are approaching the year anniversary of the miracle we were given with our son. Eli was born with several issues but the most worrisome was his kidney condition. Doctors thought it could be fatal and we were devastated. Thanks to the awesome prayer warriors in our life and a very gracious God we have a fully healthy baby boy who will be 1 in 6 weeks :)

    I fully believe that Vivian will receive complete healing. For the 4th night in a row, God has woken me up and I felt like I needed to really start praying for Vivi. As I was praying for her I felt God tell me over and over again, "Don't give up hope. Help is on the way." I was unable to fall asleep until I made an agreement with God that I would pass that message along to you.

    I hope you find some encouragement in that message. I will continue to pray for your sweet baby, strength in your marriage, and Vivi's continued perseverance.

    <3 Heather Barrett

    1. Heather,

      Thank you for responding. You will never know what your message means to me today! I needed to hear that. Thank you for being so diligent in prayer :) May God continue to bless your family! I hope we will meet someday!


  2. Vivian. Girl. You are so beautiful and strong. You have all my prayers right now. Love the klare's

  3. Its an honor to be a children of God its was the highest award for all. So we better save the other and God Bless.