Monday, September 17, 2012

Sptember 17, Day 55 real quick :)

I have forgotten to post this for a few days--I promised a family that has been here for 4 months that I would ask for prayers for their son, Judah.  Both parents are pastors, and have seen miracles happen with Judah, and have asked their congregation to pray for Vivian.  They know the power of prayer and have experienced it, as we have, first hand.  As you remember Viv, please also remember Judah.

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  1. Dear Maria,
    The friend of a friend directed me to your blog and asked me to pray for Vivian. I am a seminarian in Rome and will be on retreat for a week. Be assured of my prayers for her, you, your family, and Judah, too!
    Peace and blessings,
    Bro. Bob