Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15, Day 53

 Today has been a beautiful day.  I felt Mary very present as we remember in a special way Our Lady of Sorrows.  I have felt so close to this image of Our Lady throughout this journey, and subconciously my whole life.  My devotion today read:
"There at the cross, even as sorrow, grief and bitterness washed over her,
Mary trusted God.  She believed He would bring good out of the tragic
situation.  And He did!"
I can't help but add, "And He is and He will!"  I must continue to claim the victory Christ is going to show us in Vivian.  It is so comforting to know that as I go through this, Mary is right next to me understanding each moment, each emotion from the beginning of our story.
We had a very special visitor today--a healer.  A very humble man, whose vocation is to pray especially for children to heal.  He came and prayed over Vivian and assured us he knew she was going to be healed.  There are a few things about this meeting that I want to pass on so we can continue to be specific about how we are praying for our Baby Girl.
  1. We need to be specific.  We are continuing to pray for Vivian's heart to be strong, but we need to pray that her intestines function correctly and fluidly.
  2. We need to PRAISE Jesus in advance for the miracle He is showing us.  Claim the miracle--it is happening.
  3. We need to encourage everyone we know, everyone we come in contact with to pray for these intentions.  We don't know which prayer, or whose prayer will tip the scale.  It is time to up the anty, and to storm heaven like we haven't yet for Vivian!
Viv had an ok day.  She started to puke a few times, which is puzzling because it is not feeds, its mucus.  We aren't sure where this gunk is coming from or what is triggering it.  We had a few minutes with her wide awake which are always our favorite moments.  Her breathign tube has been placed now in her nose--it is so great!  I feel like we can see her face.  I am waiting to see her beautiful smile :)

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  1. I am a friend of Domenic Ianiro. He shared your blog asking for prayers. I want you to know, my heart aches for you. I am a member of a women's Bible study with over 100 women who attend. I will ask the leadership team to prayer for healing for your beautiful little lady. I will ask for prayer that you find the strength to deal with the daily trials. Your faith and writing is a true inspiration and I know there are many Angels watching over you and Viv. She is an absolute doll and a tough lil fighter. Stay strong mama, there are more people than you know praying for your family!!!!