Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, Surgery Prayer

Lord God, I praise you for the gift of this new day.  Lord, I praise you for how you have fearfully and wonderfully knit Vivian together inside me.  Thank you for the priveledge of being able to carry her close to my heart for 9 months.  Thank you for the week we have had to hold her close to us, to watch her grow and to love her every moment.  Today Lord Jesus, you know is a big day for our Vivi.  I know your every plan is perfect, and that this is a part of a bigger plan.  Thank you for asking us to be Viv's parents.  Thank you for including us in this awesome plan for her life, and for the world.

Lord, I ask you to be in the OR with the surgeons,doctors, nurses and especially Viv.  Work through the surgeon's hands.  Keep his mind sharp, and his work precise and steady.  Be with the other doctors and nurses. Allow them to know their role, and to be on their A-game.  Allow the whole medical team to work united as one to help Viv.  And of course Lord, be with Vivi.  Send her angel to keep her calm and safe.  Keep her heart strong, and agreeable to working with the equipment keeping her body working.  Allow her to feel all the prayers and love that are surrounding her.  Allow her to know she is so loved, she is strong, she is brave and that her life has such a wonderful message and purpose.

Lord, give strength to Rod and I to handle this day gracefully.  To surrender our hearts and lives to you fully.  We trust in you.  We believe in you.  We hope in you.  Our faith is completely in you.  Lord I thank you in advance for the success of this surgery.  I thank you for a safe and full recovery.  I thank you for being with us in the midst of this heartache.  You are holy, wonderful, awesome God and I love you, praise you and thank you.



  1. Lets go Champy!! Thoughts and prayers are with you all at every moment today!

  2. What a wonderful prayer. You're amazing.

  3. Vivi is as strong as Evie. She will pull through and recover in record Time. God bless.