Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, Transfiguration

Peter says it best in today's Gospel from the Transfiguration, "Rabbi, it is good to be here!"  I couldn't agree more!  This is the moment Christ has given us to love and be loved.  Sitting here with my brood, I am the happiest woman in the world.  I am blessed to have a wonderfully supportive husband and a stunningly beautiful baby girl who is kicking butt. 

God has graced us with these moments to grow and to allow our hearts to become more like His. Viv's heart has been pierced like Christ's...I know He has changed her heart :)   What a blessing this journey has started out to be.  I did not choose to take this course, but Christ has chosen me.  The invitation to grow in trust of God's Will has been at times a test, and will continue to be so.  But the ultimate truth that this is all for God's Glory makes it so good to be right here.   

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