Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update Post-Op Day 1

When Rod is getting texts demanding updates, I know its time to take a minute and share :)

Vivi is doing great--better than this morning.  Her heart rate is gradually slowing down, and becoming more steady.  We are still praying that her heart rate remains lower and steady and that her blood pressure remains steady so we can begin taking out some lines.

The line that was going through her belly button is out, but that was something that was a bit over-due :)  She has a cute little outtie, that might turn innie with time....we'll see!

Rod and I were standing over her talking to her and she opened her eyes wide at us.  I know she knows we are here.  The doctor has been insisting I go home tonight (i slept great last night, and just woke up from a 3 hour nap) so I get some "good sleep" and that I take a spa day tomorrow.  I looked at him and said "No way.  I'm not leaving her!"  His response everytime is 'don't you trust me? don't you trust me?'  Obviously I completely trust the doctors, I just promised her I would be here and I know she knows we're here, so I this momma ain't leavin' :)


  1. I saw your pictures on loft3 blog and wanted to check on Vivian. I find you and your family to be a blessing. You are a wonderful mother, and have been since before the beginning of your blogging (I read most of them :-)). A wonderful woman and family of faith as well. I will be praying for you and your husband, as well as precious Vivian. God Bless!

  2. Idont blame you for not wanting to leave. I never wanted to leave either. My husband had To beg me to go to dinner for our anniversary a couple days after surgery and go home with him for the one night. It took evie over 24 hours the second surgery to brake a very high fever so her heart rate would come done to a safe level. God works in mysterious ways and has a reason for everything and we may never know why. Vivian is very strong and will new fine.

  3. Seriously, you are awesome. I wouldnt leave either...