Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27

There are some days that no matter how old you become, all you want is to be with your mom.   For me, today was one of those days and luckily enough, Jan came to visit and I talked her into staying with me all day :) 

Although Vivi is holding steady, I can tell she has days like that as well.  Not actual "days" but perhaps "baby days".  She throws fits now and then (and who can blame her?) but sometimes I can't help but think that some of the reasoning for her fits is to let me know she needs me in some capacity.  It doesn't mean she calms down immediately (as she demonstrated a few days ago), but it's just having that comfort of a being close to the only other being in the world who can understand you to the core of your being because she has been next to you since the beginning of you.  There is a level of comfort in that closeness that is just is.

It makes me think about our Mother Mary.  She is always there for each of us to comfort us, to laugh with us, to cry with us.  She sees the most brilliant days we live fully, and the darkest days we try so hard to wish away. In both extremes Mary loves us, encourages us, and remains next to us.  Her love and grace has been such an unbelievable comfort and strength for me along this journey with Vivian.  I pray that I am able to be a bit of her for Vivian, but most importantly always remind Vivi of the great presence Mary has had in every moment of her existence.

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