Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5, Day 1 chest closed

Vivian had a great night last night and is doing amazing today.  After a bit of a slumpy day yesterday, we convinced the doctors to chill out on weening her from meds and she liked it a lot better that way!  She is letting us know what she wants: she doesn't want to lay on her side, she wants to be able to touch her werewolf ear, and she is getting ready to wake up.  I can't hardly wait to be able to hold her again--the poor thing.  I think it hurts me more than her :(

Rod said something this morning that I have been thinking about all day.  He said she is a physical product of our love, and her scar is a physical product of God's love for her.  Looking at her journey through those lenses, it changes every day, every challenge, every tear, every heartache into something that I can't help but cherish.  We had our friend Fr. Kyle bring us Jesus today since we didn't want to leave with her waking up.  In Fr. Kyle fashion, he gave a quick, yet poignant homily.  He said how we have this moment to unite ourselves with Mary and John at the base of the cross.  That there is joy in waiting there.  I can't help but agree more.  It breaks my heart to watch Viv suffer.  If I could take it away, I would without a hesitation.  For some reason, Christ is asking her to begin her earthly life upon the cross with him.  Like Mary, I am not going anywhere.  Like Mary, I believe in the hope that God is always here, and His plan is Almighty and perfect. 


  1. Evelyn can stop kissing Vivians picture while I'm reading post.

  2. Beautiful family picture!!!! Prayers are being said!!!