Thursday, August 2, 2012

Post-Op Day 1, Final Thoughts

Well I think it is safe to say that the prayers for Viv's heart rate to lower and stay steady and her blood pressure to remain steady.  Our nurse just walked in and said, "She's Fantastic!!"  It is crazy, I have felt so peaceful all day--what a grace God has given me.  It's exciting that each moment that goes by that she is doing well is one more moment we are closer to going home with her! 

Our next step in recovery is Vivi to start peeing.  We need her to get rid of the rest of the fluid so her chest can be closed, hopefully Saturday.  I know it is a weird prayer request, but please ask Jesus that she pees us a river tomorrow :)

Today as Rod and I have been supporting Viv together, I realized I have fallen in love with him in a whole new way.  I always have known that the love that I have for him would change, but I never knew it would be more.  Although its a bummer we are in the hospital spending all this time together, it has been so awesome to see him as such a wonderful daddy, a supportive spouse and just so fun to be with.  I am so blessed to have such a great guy to go through this with.

Tomorrow is going to be another day full of Victories and Challenges, and we are ready to celebrate every moment together. 

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  1. Way to go Vivian? Keep it up. What a fighter she is.